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Opening hours

Monday           9-12 am / 4-6 pm
Tuesday          9-12 am / 4-6 pm
Wednesday     9-12 am / 5-7 pm
Thursday         external visits
Friday              9-12 am / 4-6 pm


Please arrange an appointment with us. You can obviously do that by phone during surgery hours, but as an additional service we offer online arrangement of appointments, too.

Online appointments are particularly useful for routine procedures such as vaccinations or for re-checks. Other appointments involving diagnostic procedures, more invasive treatment or referrals are better arranged by phone so that we can allocate the necessary time involved. Telemedicine appointments can also only be arranged by phone.

We only offer a small part of our appointments to be booked on-line, so if you cannot find a suitable slot, please call us.

Please use the Button below.

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As an additional service we offer on-line consultations. Not all arising problems can be dealt with by a virtual appointment, so such appointments can only be arranged by phone.

Please note that it may still be necessary after a virtual appointment to see your pet at the surgery for an exact diagnosis or treatment.

For our on-line calls we use the telemedicine platform Haustierdocs. The on-call duties of our practice are also accessed via Haustierdocs. You can reach the platform via, the button on our web page or the link on the Göttinger vet on-call web page. If our practice is not on-call, you can still get a video call from a vet through Haustierdocs.

Location and directions

By car:
Coming along the A7 take exit 73 and go onto B3 in the direction of Göttingen. After 3,7 km turn right into Bürgerstr. (B27) and follow that road. At the Hiroshimaplatz/town hall the road will turn into Geismar Landstr.
A car park is situated behind the surgery (entrance via Danziger Straße), but free parking is also possible along the Danziger and the Königsberger Straße.

By bus:
Bus no. 91 and 92 to Danziger Straße
Bus no. 21 and 22 to Magdeburger Weg

Both bus stops are in the immediate vicinity of the practice.

Emergency service

Please call immediately in case of an emergency. If I am unable to take your call, the answering machine of the practice number (land line) will give you the telephone number of the duty vets on weekends and Bank holidays.
Information about the vets on duty can also be found on

The web page will show you not only information about the vet on duty, but also the vet hospitals and larger practices in the area together with their respective opening times.

The vet on night duty can be reached from Monday to Saturday morning from 10 pm to 8 am the following morning.

The vet on weekend duty can be reached from Saturday 12 am to Monday 8 am and on Bank Holidays from 8 am to 8 am the following morning.

Please call the duty vet before travelling to the practice as the vet will not be present at the surgery at all times.

Please note that an emergency visit to the vet will be charged with a 50€ emergency fee and all the necessary services will also be charged at a higher rate.