Dogs are a lot more relaxed than the average owner when it comes to wheelchairs. After a very short introduction period, they feel comfortable with the cart and not limited at all when it comes to walks and play with other dogs.
Of course the cart has to be tailored to the individual dog. Apart from that the wheelchair should be well constructed to ensure that it does not put an unnecessary strain on the body of the dog. Unfortunately a lot of available carts do not come up to that standard.
We are very happy to work together with Eddie´s Wheels from Massachusetts/USA, whose wheelchairs are very carefully designed and of high quality. Wheelchairs are available for very many issues, both for a limited period or for long term use.
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rear-wheel carts

The standard wheelchair for dogs with hind end problems is offered by a variety of companies. Eddie´s Wheels carts are different as they have a unique approach to the construction of their carts. The dog sits in an individually shaped padded saddle that supports the pelvis. A yoke sits lightly on the shoulder without putting pressure onto the area. The whole construction ensures that the dog´s front legs are not restricted in their ability to move and that the cart is light weight and balanced to make it as weightless as possible for the animal.

To achieve maximal comfort the cart should be tailored to the individual dog and take its size, proportion and disability into account.

Depending on the individual dog´s needs this basic model can be varied in several ways.

Front carts

Front carts allow dogs with missing front legs or other front leg problems an almost normal mobility. The construction of good front carts is very challenging, it has to be balanced very well to allow the dog to reach the floor to sniff, but also to sit down normally – and of course the dog should be able to walk, turn and play normally – even when “off-road”. Experienced front cart owner can even learn to jump with the cart.

Most dogs with hind carts just take off instantly when they are put into their cart. Dogs that need front carts have often learned to get around with the help of individual ways of walking such as hopping or even balancing on their hind feet and have to re-learn the more normal pattern of walking in the front cart again.

Because of their complexity front carts are always made to measure and cannot be transferred to another dog.

Special carts

Most dogs with disabilities can have a cart fitted for their needs. Special cases need special carts – both for long term use or to assist rehabilitation.

In generally weak dogs or dogs with balance problems quad carts with four wheels can be a great help.

There is also the possibility to use an outrigger both on front or hind carts. These small wheels do not touch the ground when the dog walks normally, but hold the dog up when it stumbles or becomes insecure.

In case of gradually diminishing or improving function of the dog´s front limbs, variable balance carts can be a great help. The balance can be adjusted to take more weight off or put more weight onto the dog´s front limbs.

In some cases – for example in case of very large dogs – a removable step-in saddle makes it easier to put the dog into the cart.

Wheelchairs to rent
We are happy to be able to offer a small number of rental carts for several sizes of dogs. Rental carts are not meant for long term use, such carts should be measured up to the individual dog.
However, they can be great for a trial period, during rehabilitation, after surgery or disease or to bridge the time until the dog's own cart arrives.
Please contact us to discuss any questions.